RTD Config Guide

You can easily add columns to the Agent RTD. This guide leads on from  here which deals with the attribute type. The steps below show you how to add columns of other types. Unless specifically mentioned, all

Type – Entity

The key specifies which table the data will be sourced from
Order and Value can be blank


Type – Filter

The key set which value to filter by e.g. Cts_Team==’ALL’
Order is 0
Value can be blank


Type – Calculated

The key is the formula used to calculate the result e.g. parseDate(rowData[‘Cts_Time’]).toHHMMSS() which would
write out the field Cts_Time in the format HHMMSS
Order is order
Value is column width


Type – Livestate

Similar to attribute except that livestate must be used when for times that update i.e. other than State Time


Type – Hidden

This is used so that you can cite this field in future fields or calculations.


Type – Link

Similar to attribute except it is a link. E.g. to link to the user’s profile you would use the key 


Type – Order

Is used to order the rows.
Key gives the field by which it will be ordered
Value defines whether the data is in ascending or descending order with the value ASC or DSC


Type – Rule

This defines appearance changes to be made in certain situations           e.g. make the call hold time blink red if it goes
over 1 minute
Key defines the situation e.g.
rowData.Cts_call_time_Hold >= ’00:01:00′
Value defines the changes to be made                                                                          e.g. background|#f4c212;effect|blink;