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Service User

Dynamics Telephony uses a CRM User we call the Service User. Dynamics Telephony uses the Service User in the background for various install and config tasks. The Service User has sysadmin role in CRM.  You should restrict the permissions once the initial install is done.

The best practice for the Service User is to set up a dedicated user with a very strong password that never changes.

If you want to use an existing user as the Service User then you should use 2-factor authentication for this user, and use an App password per this Microsoft article here.  With this approach you can change the user password without affecting the App Password.

If you need to change the Service User password, then it is best to change it in Dynamics Telephony at the same time as you do it in 365. Have one Dynamics Telephony client open at… > Settings cog > Settings > CRM Configuration. Then make the change in both places and restart all Dynamics Telephony clients.

If you change the password and get locked out of Dynamics Telephony, then follow the procedure below.


  • Find dynamicstelephony.exe It is in a folder like:
  • Right-click on the EXE and make a shortcut
  • Edit the shortcut and add “/admin” at the end like this


Now, when you run Dynamics Telephony using this shortcut, and the connection to CRM fails, you will a the dialog where you can change the service user and password.

Turn on impersonation

When you turn on impersonation in DT, entities created by DT are done so on behalf of the current user instead of the DT User.

To turn it on you need to
1. Enter the Organization URI
You get this in CRM > Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources > Organization Service

2. Check the “Impersonate User” checkbox


3. Restart your DT Client

Only one DT Client should be running during this configuration