Agent RTD States Guide

The RTD has two state fields: the state of the agent and the state of the call.

Agent States

The agent states refer to the state chosen in the top left agent state selector in Dynamics Telephony. The names of the states under the selector depend on the Telephony Provider. However, the underlying state for the RTD is always one of these five:

LoggedIn: Light Gray

Ready:  Green

Away: Yellow

NotReady: Red

LoggedOut: Dark Gray

Call States

The call state is shown in Dynamics Telephony on the top right as the state in text. Here are the possible values.

Idle – No call in progress.

Incoming – an inbound call is ringing on the user phone.

Start – Auto-dialer calls only. The users has started a personal “Queue Loader” campaign.

Offering – Auto-dialer calls only. The outbound call is being offered to the user to accept for auto-dial, or reject to put back in the queue.

Preview – this applies only to auto-dialer calls. It is a period of some seconds before a call is auto-dialed. It is designed to allow the user time to review a customer record before the customer is auto-dialled.

Ring – An outbound call is ringing. It has not been answered yet.

Talk – Talking on an inbound or outbound call

Hold – An inbound or outbound call has been placed on hold

Pause – Preview or Wrap time has been paused by the user. The user can also be put into Pause automatically if no outcome has been chosen (and there is no default outcome) when Wrap time ends.

Wrap – An inbound or outbound call is in the Wrap state. This is an after-call state designed to allow the user make notes and prevent another call arriving during the Wrap time countdown.

End – No call in progress. The same as Idle

Stop – No call in progress. The same as Idle