Per campaign Outcome Buttons

When using Dynamics Telephony for outbound calling, the agent will usually complete the call by selecting an Outcome from a list of configured Outcomes. This list of Outcomes can be defined by department, group of agents, queue or campaign. In this way, the agent always only sees a list of Outcomes that are relevant to the call. This speeds up the call and makes sure only the correct Outcome is selected.
dynamicsOutcomesRemember, Outcomes can trigger Business Workflows in CRM. This means simply clicking on an Outcome can do things like:
– Assign a lead to a another sales person or group
– Setup a callback this time next year
– Mark the contact for Marketing Materials, send out some info via email now AND set up a callback for 2 days time.


How to set it up

In Dynamics CRM, set up a queue (or queues) for the department, agent-group or campaign.

Now, when you define an Outcome in Dynamics Telephony, you will see a box called “Outbound Labels”. Add the queue names to this box that you would like to use this outcome.


1. Queues that are not defined against at least one Outcome, will get all outcomes.
2. Once you have a queue name listed against any outcome in Labels, you have to have the same queue name in the Labels box of all outcomes you require for that queue.