Efficiency from Click-to-dial

Your CRM users time is their most precious resource. Anything that can save them time will translate to your bottom line. Click-to-dial will save users time on every call. Anyone who is making more than 20 calls a day will see a positive return on an investment in click-to-dial

6 reasons to invest in click-to-dial

Click-to-dial means you simply click on a phone-number in CRM to immediately connect a voice call to the customer. Here are 6 reasons to invest in Dynamics Telephony to provide you with click-to-dial in CRM

Save time on every call – Click-to-dial is instant. The time that used to be spent focusing on a phone number, and dialing manually is reduced to zero. Further, time can also be saved when you need to transfer or conference the call.

Auto-log every call – if it’s not in CRM, it didn’t happen. Users cannot be relied on to log every call in CRM. So auto-logging of all calls will help to keep your CRM data accurate and complete. And will save maybe 30s per call.

Recent call list – when you use click-to-dial, all your recent calls are made available in a handy list. This means you can quickly call back a dropped call, or redial a call you tried before lunch.

Call history – because every call is automatically logged in CRM, users will see a full call history before they make the call. This gives them a full view of the results of previous conversations with the customer.

More focusĀ for users – users no longer have to focus on a phone number, and dialing it correctly. Instead, they keep their focus on the customer and how they are going to handle the conversation with the customer.

A first step to more savings with auto-dialing – Once users are used to click-to-dial, it will be easy to move them on to using an autodialer. With an autodialer, the customers they want to call are automatically popped out to them, auto-dialed and any no-answers or callbacks are automatically handled by the autodialer. The efficiency gain is a guaranteed 50% increase in contacts per day.

Click-to-dial makes sense for any CRM user that makes 20 or more calls a day.