Telephony status via Busylight

Dynamics Telephony works with Busylight from Kuando to show your status to your colleagues and supervisors. This translates in to more efficiency for agents, and a faster response to traffic overloads in your call center.


When there are calls waiting, a supervisor can now quickly see and directly speak to agents that are LOGGED OUT or NOT READY. The busylight at the agents desk gives the supervisor all the information they need to see who might respond to the waiting customer.

For agent efficiency, remember, “”It can take 20 minutes to regain full focus after an interruption”. this is partticularily true in Outbound calling operations. Dynamics Telephony will keep interruptions away for the full duration of your call – preview, talk and wrap time.

Because Dynamics Telephony is compatible with any phone system, the Busylight integration we provide also works with any phone system, including Avaya, Cisco, Skype for business, Asterisk, SIP systems and any TAPI based system.

Busylight colors

RED   Agent making or on a call, or in preview/wrap time
YELLOW   Agent on Not Ready – NOT available for a call
GREEN   Agent Idle – available for a call
OFF   Agent logged-out.

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