Agent RTD

The Realtime Display Dashboard in CRM allows you to see the real-time status of every agent using Dynamics Telephony in your Call Center. This can be a combination of telephony status (ready, not ready, talking etc.) and CRM data (customer name, lead topic, dialer campaign name, CRM queue name, etc.)



  • Realtime status of every agent using Dynamics Telephony
  • Shows telephony state (e.g. talking) and CRM state (e.g. customer name) in one snapshot
  • Shows duration and the time the state was entered.
  • Shows Outcome of last call, e.g. SALE!
  • No server required – data stored in CRM
  • Full screen mode – perfect for Wallboard in Call Center
  • Auto-refresh in realtime
  • Can be filtered down per agent group
  • Configurable thresholds highlight if an agent is too long in a state
  • Threshold actions: change color, blink, send email

Using The RTD

  • To access RTD, simply go to Dashboards > Dynamics Telephony Dashboard – Agent RTD
  • The display auto-refreshes every 10s (by default). You can update now by clicking the update countdown timer.
  • For full screen use the direct URL (e.g. in a browser and press F11


  • Add your own custom field to our RTD. E.g. to show how much CRM work done today
  • Calculated fields
  • ¬†Add / remove / reorder columns
  • Add / remove agents. E.g. individual RTD per group
  • Set sorting field
  • Trigger a workflow