CRM Advanced Find can add items to Dynamics Telephony Progressive Dialer

Our Progressive Dialer will allow you to process a large amount of phone-calls in the most efficient way. The calls can be processed by one or multiple agents, using Dynamics Telephony queues-based Progressive Dialer

This is the procedure for starting with a CRM Advanced Find, of contacts, accounts or leads, and adding them to a CRM Queue which Dynamics Telephony is monitoring and feeding to agents, for them to process and dial using Progressive Dialer

A. Create a new queue in CRM
1. CRM: Settings > Business Management > Queues
2. NEW Queue
– Give it a name
– Choose “Public” (any user can see), or Private (only assigned users can see it)
– Save and Close

B. Configure Dynamics Telephony to monitor the queue
1. DT: Cog > Queue Settings
2. Add a new queue using the ” + ” at the bottom
3. Select the queue you made in A above.

C. Add items to the queue ( repeat this section as often as you like )
1. Run Advanced Find to find your required Contacts, Accounts or Leads
2. Select All and, on the ribbon, click “Quick Campaign” > “For all records on all pages
– Give the Quick Campaign a name. Click NEXT
– Set “Phone Call” as activity type
– Checkbox “Add the created activities to a queue”
– Select the queue. Click NEXT
– You just need to fill in “Subject”.
NOTE This “subject” is reported in the Dynamics Telephony statistics. I usually use something like “Widget A renewals Jan 2016″

Now go “Ready” in DT and the items should come through. Of course, there may well be other items in other queues first so test with care.