Outcome Triggerd Workflows

You can trigger a workflow to do such things as disqualify a lead, convert a lead to an opportunity or send an email to the customer.

You set the workflow to trigger off our dialerCall entity field called “outcome”. In the workflow, you use our plugin (see below) to get a reference to the phonecall, To Party or Regarding entity.

The plugin you need in the workflow is in a solution file you need to import to CRM. You can find it HERE

NOTE: You cannot use Flow / Power Automate as it does not support plugins.

Create the workflow

In Processes, make a workflow to trigger off change of field outcome in dialerCall entity.

To get a reference to the phonecall activity that Dynamics Telephony used for the call, add a step like this


Set the properties like this:


Now you can use that entity reference to update the entity.

Similarly, you can get a reference to the To Party (ToId in dialerCall) and Regarding