Automatic Phonecall Subject and Description

Dynamics Telephony can automatically create a subject and/or description for every call. It can also create a Note. This is useful so that agents do not have to enter details for every call.

The settings to control this are under Advanced Configuration: Phone Subject, Phonecall Description and OtherParty Note. The settings apply to all auto-created phonecalls.

The text you put in the setting is the text that will be put in the auto-created item.

NOTE: You can stop Dynamics Telephony from making the Note, Subject or Description by blanking out the setting.


You can use placeholders in the text for gathering other information about the call. For example, “The result of the call was <<>>”

The list of placeholders is:

  • <<agent>>          – The agents name
  • <<direction>>  – inbound, clicktocall, transfer, queue (dialer)
  • <<otherParty>>
  • <<phone>>        – phone number
  • <<queueName>>
  • <<dnis>>             – The DNIS number
  • <<dnisName>>
  • <<lastCallTime>>
  • <<retryTime>>  – For callbacks and auto-retries
  • <<>>
  • <<regarding>>
  • <<phonecallid>>
  • <<originalcallid>>
  • <<diallercallid>>
  • <<queueid>>
  • <<queueitemid>>

If there is another item of data you think should be available for the phonecall, please ask as it may be available.