Handling Contact Center Outbound Calls

When Dynamics Telephony is used with DTI and a Contact Center, you can handle the Contact Center Outbound calls. You can accept or reject an outbound call, and you will get a screen pop in CRM of the associated lead/contact/phonecall.

First, use the agent status control (top right) to login and make yourself READY.


Then, when an outbound call is presented for you to do, you will see a prompt on a Call Tab like this

To get more information before you “Accept” the outbound call, you can click on the customer reference (account, contact or lead), or the “Regarding”.

Click Accept or Reject. If you reject the call, notice that you are automatically put in NOT READY.

If you click Accept, the preview timer countdown (top right) may start. After the countdown completes, the phone call is automatically placed to the customer.

See toolbar controls for handling the active phone call