Application Directories / Uninstall Client

Client Uninstall

Uninstall is from the Programs And Features Control Panel

For complete uninstall, you should clear the following directories too

Default settings, dialer queue cache:

C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\CT Solutions\DynamicsTelephony

NOTE: files in this folder are preserved through upgrades. the Config.crm file in this folder is the connection to CRM so it can be pushed out to users (from a working client), so that new users do not have to enter connection info.

Application, including log file:


System Uninstall

To uninstall all entities from CRM, you use the Uninstall System on the Dynamics Telephony COG Menu.

NOTE: You will not see this item unless your CRM user has a Role called “Dynamics Telephony Uninstall” – the role does not need any special permissions.
ALSO, you need to have it allowed under Admin Only Access in the Dynamics Telephony settings