Application Directories / Uninstall Client

Application Cache

Default settings, dialer queue cache:
%AppData%\CT Solutions\DynamicsTelephony

NOTE: files in this folder are preserved through upgrades. The Config.crm file in this folder is the connection to CRM so it can be pushed out to users (from a working client), so that new users do not have to enter connection info.

Also, these might exist…:
C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Dynamics Telephony

New log file location (V3+):
%AppData%\CT Solutions\DynamicsTelephony

User settings like initial size and position, and initial Application in any folder like

Client Uninstall

Uninstall is from the Programs And Features Control Panel

For complete uninstall, you should also clear the cache mentioned above and the following directories.

Application, including log file:

System Uninstall

To uninstall all entities from CRM, you use the Uninstall System on the Dynamics Telephony COG Menu.

NOTE: You will not see this item unless your CRM user has a Role called “Dynamics Telephony Uninstall” – the role does not need any special permissions.
ALSO, you need to have it allowed under Admin Only Access in the Dynamics Telephony settings