Create a Dialer Campaign

Use this procedure to add a set of accounts, leads or contacts to a queue for Dynamics Telephony to autodial them. You should already have a shared queue prepared – e.g. Priority Leads, or you can use the users personal queues, e.g. <John Smith>

NOTE use the original Advanced Find available in Advanced Settings. Otherwise, you will not get the extra phonecall fields indicated below. If you do not get the extra fields, then you can bulk edit the phonecalls created to add the extra field values. These field values allow your views to find campaign calls easily.


  • Advanced Find the records (Leads, Contacts, Accounts) you want to add to the campaign.
  • Click Create Quick Campaign
  • Enter a name of the campaign
  • Select activity type as Phone Call
  • Check “Add created activities to a queue
  • Select the queue you want to use
  • NEXT
  • Enter a Subject for the phonecalls
  • Enter 1 as the Attempt for the phonecalls
  • For Queue, select the same queue as above.
  • Select YES for Dynamics Telephony Call
  • NEXT
  • Create