Voice Drop Recordings

You can make the pre-recorded messages required for Voice Drop using your PC and some online resources. Below I will give you the steps to record the message, trim off the silence and save in a compressed format for Voice Drop.

1. Record your message

There is a sound recorder on your PC. Use it to record the message. It will save it as WMA format. To find the recorder, simply click on the Windows Start menu and type “recorder”.

You should be in a quiet place and use a headset for the recording.


2. Convert to mp3

You can use an online resource like https://audiotrimmer.com/online-mp3-converter/ to easily convert your WMA file to mp3.

Important:  save the file as 64k or 64kbps.


3. Trim off the silence

It is important to aggressively trim the leading silence from your recording. This will ensure your customers hear minimal silence before hearing your message. The same site as above has a silence trimmer at https://audiotrimmer.com/


4. Rename the file

You should name the file so you can track it. I like to name with the subject, the initials of the person and the version. So something like final_attempt_PM_v2.mp3

Now you are ready to import the file into Dynamics Telephony for Voice Drop