Release Notes – Nov 2018

Version 3.0.6978

Support for Unified Interface Applications was added. This allows each user to startup using a specified Unified Interface Application and subsequent calls use the same application

Block CRM phonecall on click-to-dial means that the annoying popout that CRM creates when you do a click-to-dial can be blocked. Instead, Dynamics Telephony can silently create a record of the call with all information, including duration, correct.

Google phone library support means that click-to-dial and dialer calls are dialed accurately even when the phone number stored in CRM is missing area or country codes.

Our optimized search algorithm means that millions of records can be search in seconds. this means the inbound screen pop is fast, even if you have millions of records to search.

Outcome rating for Gamification allows you to put a score against each outcome and then aggregate those to feed your gamification program, or other measurement programs.

You can now define Outcomes per queue. This means that different outbound campaigns can have different Outcome buttons – specific to their needs. Furthermore, personal queues can also have specific Outcome buttons

We have developed a set of workflows and plugin to allow easy management of queueitems. These are available through Develop Support and enable easy create, move, due date, and cancel of queue items that Dynamics Telephony queues dialer is managing. They also overcome the limitations of Quick Campaigns.

The agent realtime display has been enhanced to include columns such as state, time in state, number of calls, outcomes and total these for the day. It also adds formulas to create columns like: number of calls per hour.

API Enhancements enable even more solutions like populating fields in your phonecall records such as Call Result and Attempt Number.

A new system option to add a link to a call recording to the phonecall record. This link allows playback of the call recording from your own call recording system. furthermore, we can copy recent recordings to CRM for anyone to playback – e.g. salespeople on the road.