Phone Number Matching in CRM

Dynamics Telephony uses an advanced algorithm to match incoming phone numbers with phone numbers in your CRM. Dynamics Telephony will successfully math in the vast majority of situations. It can handle number formats in your CRM such as

(613) 555 1212
+44 1628 555 1212
45 56 67 78

Sometimes you will find that the callers number is not found in your CRM due to pattern matching problems. For example, you might find that the callers number is coming in with a “Tel:” or “Sip:” prefix and the phone numbers in your CRM do not have this prefix. In these cases, use the RegEx pattern match setting to fix the incoming number as follows:

Settings > Inbound Configuration : Regex Phone Number:

  • For Lync or Skype you must use: tel:\+(\d+)
  • For SIP you must use: sip:(\d+);.*
  • For all other CTI Providers use: sip:(\d+);.*