Log file retrieval

The Dynamics Telephony log file is required if you have to report an issue. There are two ways to locate it.

Method 1

There is a link in the application to retrieve it. Use “Save As..” to save it to a convenient location and then attach it to the email to us.




Method 2

The file can be retrieved at the following location. If you do not have permission to access this location then you need to speak with your IT Administrator.

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\24K624J6.1JJ\C96BM7WW.MRL\dyna..tion_a 270756c9f763890_0001.0000_4feb31afd316143a

The detailed path of the last three folders above may be different on your PC.

The log file is named: DynamicsTelephony.NN.log  Where NN is the day of the month.