Dynamics Telephony for Service Cases

Dynamics Telephony is perfect for a Service environment, where it can pop Cases (if there are any open for the caller) or pop the callers Contact record. Furthermore, the phonecall activities are logged against the cases as appropriate.

Even better, you can use the Dynamics Telephony Queues feature to auto-feed cases to users for processing, including calling the customer.

How to get Dynamics Telephony to pop a case (incident) based on the callers phone number

  1. In Dynamics 365, Cases have no phone numbers by default. So you need to add one for Dynamics Telephony to search for. It doe not need to be put on the cases form itself.

    Add a custom field to the Case entity. Set it as a calculated field based on the related contact phone number

    TIP: Set a condition that the Case must be open (status=active) for the phone number to be populated. In this way, only open cases will match and pop.

  2. In the custom entity dialerKVtable, add an entry for each custom field created above..

    type: phone
    Value: cts_businessphone name of custom field
    scope: global
    Parent: <blank>
    Name: incomingLookup_incident
    Key: 1 the order of lookup in this entity

  3. Also in dialerKVtable entity, add another two entries as follows for the primary text to display

    Key: incident
    Name: entityPrimaryNames
    Parent: AppSettings
    Scope: global
    Type: string
    Value: title

    Key: title
    Name: incomingLookup_incident
    Parent: <blank>
    Scope: global
    Type: name
    Value: title

    NOTE: The above will display the Title of the case. You might prefer to create another custom field on the case that combines customer name and Title. This will be useful for multi-match. It must be a string custom field. Replace title above with your custom field name (3 places)

  4. In Dynamics Telephony settings > Inbound set..

    Lookup entities: incident

    TIP: If you set above to “incident,contact” then Dynamics Telephony will pop the contact if there are no open incidents. However, if there is one open incident you will get a multi-match to choose between the incident and the contact.