DT Server Entities for integration

The following entities can be used for reports or triggered on for server-side integration.

cts_dialerCall – one entry for each phone call processed by DT. The same entry is used for the lifetime of the phone call. Can be linked to the associated CRM phone call. Fields include: agent (CRM user), calls, no answers, busies, connects, didConnect, direction, phone number, phone call ID, status (open, retry, closed), subject (e.g. campaign name), to (full name), computedOutcome (for your use – to change the outcome), aborts (selected an outcome that did not connect and isConnectXorAbort true on the selected outcome)

cts_dialerCallEvent Рone entry for each event including: talk, ring, idle, error on dial, busy, no answer,  with fields: direction, duration, event name, phone number and dialer call ID in cts_dialerCall.

cts_dialerCallResult – one entry every time a call gets an outcome with fields including: agent (CRM user), dialer call ID in cts_dialerCall, direction, phone number, result (outcome as chosen by agent or automatically), and subject (e.g. campaign name)