Agent RTD. See here


There are several standard dashboards in CRM for Dynamics Telephony. You access them in Sales > Dashboards, or Marketing > Dashboards

Dynamics Telephony Dashboards

Today, this week, this month or this year: Dashboards filtered by time over the various periods

Work Time Analysis: Totals based on the individual call records for each agent, covering time-in-state for Talk, Hold, Idle, Pause, Ringing, Wrap, etc.

Call Outcome Analysis: totals based on the individual call records for each agent. Outcomes include inbound, outbound, click-to-dial, No Answer, Busy, Voicemail, Bad numbers, Yes, No, Defer etc.

Plus, any custom outcomes you add to Dynamics Telephony are automatically included in this dashboard.


You can drill down on the dashboard to, for example, see a result by agent for the day/week/month/year…


Customizing a dashboard

You could make a copy of a standard dashboard to display only the data you want.

First, you need to make a new View to based the new dashboard on:
1. View a dashboard – say Dynamics Telephony – Today
2. Above the legend for the chart, click “View the records…”
3. On the right of the titles bar of the grid that opens, click “Filter”
– Now you can define Custom Filters for any of the columns
4. In the drop-down above the grid, select “Save filters as new view”

Second, make a custom version of our dashboard and link it to the view created above

  1. When viewing the standard dashboard, click Save As in the ribbon.
  2. Now view the newly saved dashboard copy, and you have “Edit” in the ribbon
  3. Click on the chart you want to associate with the new view from above, and click “Edit Component”
  4. In the popout window, set the “Default View” to your new view from above


Table Overviews

Dynamics Telephony stores all its statistical and realtime data in CRM. For an overview of the tables used, see here


The call-by-call view in CRM shows every inbound and outbound call. Click on the image for full view.