Avaya IP Office and TAPI

Avaya IP Office connects to Dynamics Telephony using TAPI. No extra licences needs to be purchased from Avaya for TAPI. Please see the document linked below for getting your Avaya IP Office TAPI installed and configured:

 – You only need the licence-free  TAPILink Lite
 – Dynamics Telephony uses TAPI2
 – It IS NOT necessary to install the WAV driver as well (see chapter 2 in above document)
 – The user and password is the username you use to logon to Avaya softphone.
To verify the installation, you can use the Dialer application that is part of Windows. Run > Dialer. In the Tools menu, select Connect Using.. and find your line
Finally, in Dynamics Telephony > Settings >
   – General: set provider to TAPI
   – Provider Account: Set the DN to your extension number. NOTE you can leave this blank if there is only one TAPI line available on your machine.