Agent efficiencies guaranteed by embedded progressive dialer

Dynamics Telephony Dialer is a progressive dialer embedded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This results in efficiency gains available with no other dialer. The gains are like getting an extra agent for every three you already have. Imagine all the extra sales that could mean!


Management Efficiency Gains

  1. Part of Dynamics CRM, yielding fastest agent training.
  2. No need for data export/import with and external dialer.
  3. Integrated reports in CRM – less time to create.
  4. Realtime results in CRM dashboard
  5. Sure of Ofcom or FCC compliance.

Agent Efficiency Gains

  1. Automatic selection of the next customer to call
  2. Automatic dialing
  3. Automatic rescheduling of no-answers and busies
  4. Automatic move-on to next call at end of previous call
  5. Automatic tagging of outbound call attempts in CRM
  6. Automatic tagging of outcome in CRM
  7. Ability to auto-run workflow per outcome
  8. Automatic management of callbacks
  9. Controlled Wait, Wrap and Preview times
  10. Higher agent morale through less boring/repetitive tasks
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