Dynamics Telephony provides an API to allow further 3rd party customization and tailoring for Dynamics CRM either by inhouse developers/power users or by 3rd party consultants. Through the API there is really no limits as to what can be accomplished with Dynamics Telephony and Dynamics CRM.

Knowledge of Javascript is required to use the API, and API users should also be comfortable adding webresources to the CRM instance.

To Use the API you will need to add the JavaScript Helper file (DynamicsTelephonyApi.js) as a webresource on your CRM instance. This library will also you to register for Dynamics Telephony CTI events and to call methods to make/release calls, hold/transfer etc...

Once this is done, register for Dynamics Telephony events using the following line of code in your own javascript file:

DynamicsTelephony.RegisterForEvents( function (eventParams) {}; );

A Simple Example:

This example will display all Dynamics Telephony events in a popup window. This is a useful way to see all events and their payloads.


Call Outcome Dependent Workflow Launch Example:

A Customer wanted to Launch certain workflows after a call for certain call outcomes. The example below shows how to do that:


A Wrong Number Example:

Another Customer wanted us to remove any phone numbers that agents flagged as "Wrong Number" and add a note indicating that fact. The example below is used to do just that: