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Unified Phone and CRM for Dynamics 365 Users

PHONE SYSTEM is a hosted telephone system with powerful Dynamics 365 integrated features that offers unrivalled control over business communications, unlimited flexibility and infinite scalability

  • Having your telephony system and CRM in one application enables the true vision to be realised where ultimate efficiency joins innovative features
  • Spend less time switching between screens and more time focused on talking to your customers
  • The Dynamics 365 integrated dialer increases outbound calling by up to 40%
  • Using data in Dynamics 365 to route calls makes good business sense, e.g. give priority based on their value in Dynamics 365.
  • Dynamics 365 integrated with blended voice and Omnichannel provides a seamless user experience in one user interface

PHONE SYSTEM makes it refreshingly simple to communicate and collaborate

Time Savings
Cost Savings

Callers can be offered a call-back which is logged in Dynamics 365. Call Recordings with a link to listen in Dynamics 365 (Stored to Azure option). Save time with Voicedrop: pre-recorded messages to leave in prospects voicemail and auto-logs to Dynamics 365.

Flexible solution

Chat & voice blended in Dynamics 365 with full reporting. Conversation Transcript- stored in the phone call in Dynamics 365 activity. Personalized IVR- based on the callers status in Dynamics 365.

Inbound Calling Unified Features > Read more.

Oubound Calling Campaign Dialler > Read more.

There is no large CapEx investment required, no initial outlay on expensive hardware and a simple per-user-per-month (OpEx) payment model means you can start as small as you want. PHONE SYSTEM easily scales up in line with your business needs. You can add users and devices as required 

Just a few reason to choose the Dynamics Telephony PHONE SYSTEM


Integrating CRM and telephony systems for 20 years

Reliable Infrastructure

100% uptime guarantee on power and 99.999% guarantee on internet connections

Try it for a week

We can set you up with a trial with no fuss or business disruption


Professional 24/7 suport and personal approach

Benefits of Dynamics Telephony will be felt throughout your organization


Single user interface for telephony and Dynamics 365.

Time saved on every call.

Less battling with Dynamics 365 - more time supporting or selling


Realtime dashboard of agents in Dynamics 365.

Agent management in Dynamics 365

Sales Dialer campaign management in Dynamcis 365


Full telephony data in Dynamics 365 for analytics.

For inbound, save time on every call.

For outbound, 30% savings on staffing of campaigns.


IT will love the centralized admin and simple install options.

Comprehensive support offerings, including via local premium Microsoft Partners

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