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Get full telephony integration, and a Sales Dialer, on any version of Dynamics CRM, and ANY phone system (online or on premises).

Here are some of our customers that save time and money with Dynamics Telephony:

The world’s largest independent
IT training company.

Leading UK financial services group,
specialising in retirement planing.

Premium outdoor footwear and apparel
manufacturer, managing 10,000 outlets.

Our 4 Key Pillars:

Time Savings
Cost Savings

Dynamics Telephony Sales Dialer saves on average 30% on staffing of outbound calling campaigns. For inbound call handling, Dynamics Telephony saves time on every call through automation via seamless telephony integration into Dynamics 365 CRM.

Flexible solution

Dynamics Telephony is a very flexible solution that can meet the most demanding requirements through our integration expertise and our unique API. Our onboarding team of professionals ensure success every time.

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Benefits of Dynamics Telephony will be felt throughout your organization


Single user interface for telephony and CRM.

Time saved on every call.

Less battling with CRM - more time supporting or selling


Realtime dashboard of agents in CRM.

Agent management in CRM

Sales Dialer campaign management in CRM


Full telephony data in CRM for analytics.

For inbound, save time on every call.

For outbound, 30% savings on staffing of campaigns.


IT will love the centralized admin, simple install and comprehensive support offerings, including via local premium Microsoft Partners

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